Monday, December 13, 2010

Holtville Hotsprings LTVA

Here are some pictures of the long term area at the Holtville Hotsprings. The BLM here has three parts to it - the long term visitor area (LTVA) on the north side of the hotspring, the LTVA on the south side of the spring and I8 and the free 14 day parking area south of the south LTVA. To park in the either LTVA one must purchase a long term pass ($180 for 6 months) or short term ($40 for 2 weeks). Obviously the former is much better than the latter. We camped first in the 14 day area. The nice thing about that is that it is free - but that is about it - after 14 days you have to move at least 25 miles away for 28 days. We were also parked 2 miles from the hotspring which is much to far to walk where as the hotspring is walkable from either LTVA area. When we came in 2008 we paid the $40 for two weeks and stayed on the north side.

What is most striking about this area when you walk through is first - almost all the rigs are HUGE - motor homes and 5th wheels - seriously well off snowbirds. The next is that they are pretty set up -most look like they are there for the whole season - they have planters, carpets, lights, firewood, bird feeders - you name it. The third is that they all have 4+ solar panels on their roofs. Our little trailer could fit about 3 times into these rigs. The fourth item is that you see almost all BC license plates!

Here are some pictures of Hogans Hilton. I saw this bus the second day we arrived when Cassia and I took a walk around. I didn’t have the camera with us and decided to come back. When we did the Owners were just heading to the hotspring so I asked to take pictures of their rig. They were also kind enough to let us borrow their air pump to add air to Cassia’s wheels. I was also given a guided tour of the inside which was impressive but I didn’t have an pics because of their privacy. Quite the bus 40 feet long - I can’t imagine driving that all the way from Oregon! They are ready for Christmas obviously - we should try to get back to see it lite up at night.

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